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ARGOLD is a brand that supplies the finest Moroccan Organic Argan Oil to its customers. Our oil comes directly from women’s co-operatives located in Morocco, as it is the country of origin of argan oil.

The oil is extracted in a traditional manner, as co-operatives collect Argan nuts after they fall from the Argan fruit trees and then use manual labor to crack the nuts to obtain the Argan kernels (seeds). These seeds are ground, afterwards, by turning them in a stone mill for hours to make a paste. Finally, the women squeeze the paste by hand to extract the oil.

Pure Argan oil, also known as “Liquid Gold”, is a natural skin, body and hair nutrient. It is rich in vitamins E, carotenes, antioxidants and fatty acids, which makes it a remarkable hydrating and anti-inflammatory beauty treatment.


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At ARGOLD, we are committed to provide you with 100% authentic, Eco Certified, FDA Approved, pure Argan Oil.

Our stores:


  • 19 Avenue Abdelkarim Al Khattabi
  • Marrakech Leather, Zone Industrielle Sidi Ghanem


  • Meknes Carpet, Zone Industrielle Sidi Slimane