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Argan oil to prevent wrinkles

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Do you struggle with wrinkles around your eyes ? there’s no use in trying a variety of products that don't contain the right elements to rejuvenate your skin. in fact, using too many products might only make it worse. It would be more efficient to pick a product rich in regenerating contents.

How many of us use Argan oil for face wrinkles and notably for eye contouring ? It is actually one of its main qualities, combatting cutaneous aging. We could state a variety of benefits that the Argan oil doesn't fail to provide. However, its rejuvenating qualities prevail in the cosmetic field. Its rich composition of antioxidants and greasy acids prevent wrinkles from invading the face. Natural and bio, the argan oil combats wrinkles on a daily basis.

Argan oil, a sworn enemy of wrinkles !

Argan oil neutralises free radicals and goes against cutaneous aging effects, hence the wrinkles. Besides its antioxidants and anti-aging qualities, this oil has reaffirming and softening properties which boost the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Nourishing and hydrating, it adduces quality care to dry skin.

Argan oil for face wrinkles allows dimming those which have already set camp, and furthermore those trying to settle down, but also those who counter the eyes. Like any other organic virgin vegetable oil cold pressed, argan contains natural ingredients, efficient and strong that one would find in an argan cream.

Why is Argan oil anti-aging ?

The antioxidants are the best arms to catch free radicals, neutralise them and reduce their nocivity. The most known antioxidant is Vitamin E. It is commonly used as a

Naturally, argan oil holds a strong tenor of Vitamin E. It stimulates cellular regeneration and prevents skin aging. Here is a little comparative analysis demonstrating how vigorous is the Vitalim E contained in culinary argan oil.

Tenor in mg for 100g :
Argan oil : 70,2
Palm oil : 25,6
Peanut oil : 13,0
Olive oil : 7,1

Argan oil prevents the emergence of wrinkles thanks to its profusion of greasy acids that represent no less than 80 % of its combined composition. These acids allow the skin to fight against dryness and elasticity loss, two main factors that favor the emergence of wrinkles. As a direct result, The skin’s tonicity and smoothness increase considerably.

Argan oil for under eye wrinkles

You might have got it by now, you could use argan oil for the wrinkles that form under your eyes, and even around your lips. Every night, apply a few droplets on your under eye wrinkles by applying a soft massage until full penetration. Argan oil sinks in easily.

Due to its anti-aging qualities, argan oil is also present in night care products for wrinkles prevention. Make sure you choose an authentic product that meets your beauty care needs for a younger skin.