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Uses of argan oil for all types of hair

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Many have a conflicting relationship with their hair. Depending on the day, they usually have their own moods. One must admit, we are not always the kindest to them. Between the daily washings, the hair-dry and the softener, toxic hair products to make it look steady, we tend to abuse our poor scalps. if we add that to the natural external aggressions they experience on a daily baisis, mainly sun and wind, one shouldn’t be so surprised when they decide to rebel. 

It is high time we take care of it, and pamper it with natural hair products that go hand in hand with its nature. Don’t go buying overpriced products and go back to basics ! Our ancestors used argan oil, why change that ? We are mostly certain they were on a good track, and we shall showcase the reasons right this moment !

Why use argan oil for hair ?

You might have many daily practices that consist of capillary care, but your hair doesn't turn out the way you want it to. No need to overthink this ! The commercialized brands are usually filled with silicone. So, at the moment, your hair might feel all silky and bright, but on the long run, the silicone suffocates them and weakens them greatly.

Many are those who abandon these unnatural products and go back to the basics : the all natural products ! This starts with the shampoo, by using a neutral foamy basis ridden of all unwanted substances such as parabens, the sulfates and silicone.

There’s no simpler habit than covering your hair in a organic natural oil meeting your hair’s basic needs. You will surely notice a rapid evolution. Coconut for dry hair. Castor for growth. Macadamia for curls… What about Argan ?

Argan oil composition is particularly interesting for the hair, due mainly to the strong presence of unsaturated greasy fatty acids, and more importantly 8% of Vitamin E. Being a major antioxidant and a famous anti-aging component, its presence in organic oils is notable. It is a major asset for Argan oil !

And to do even more good to your skin and hair, we also stumble upon Sterol, schottenol. Being a cutaneous regulator, it allows the rejuvenation of cells and boosts their activity ( mainly combating hair loss).

For what types of hair ?

For man's hair

Argan oil is truly the organic oil of the family. Its action adds up to nutrition and repairs capillary fibers. This particularity is perfect for the people who are way too impatient and do not wish to spend great amounts of time in the bathroom taking care of their hair. For all the handsome men (and the others, all the same), you should know that argan oil will invigorate your hair.

By stimulating the scalp, argan oil will slow down their loss throughout the years of usage. Using it will result in enhancing their quality.

For damaged hair

Argan oil is usually used to hydrate dry skin thanks to its nourishing greasy acids, especially the linoleic acid. However, its ability of repairing damaged dry hair should not, at any case, be overlooked. By acting in the heart of capillary fiber; argan oil takes out the bad weed. It repairs the fiber, but also reinforces it in order to protect it furthermore from numerous external aggressions such as sun, chlore, heat and wind.

You will also notice that it can be an excellent preventive care product, before going to the beach for instance ! By September, your hair will no longer go through end of summer blues !

For dim hair

Pollution, hair-dryer, color dying will not stop making your hair fragile it will keep on decreasing its vitality. In order to put a stop to this, argan oil is your best ally. It is, without any shred of doubt, the best oil there is for your fibers. Nourishing and penetrative, argan oil can easily reduce capillary problems. As soon as the fiber tightens up, it starts reflecting the light in a better manner, and your hair becomes bright and luminous.


If you want to have even more advanced results, it is highly recommended to mix up argan oil with essential oils to perform a full on capillary care for dim hair ! For brown hair that has lost its shine, Lemongrass and rosemary boost argan’s action to make room for some gorgeous silvery reflections.