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Use Argan oil for your Face care Routine ?

Posted by Mohammed Biyjeddiguene on

From Morocco, Argan oil is extracted from the fine almonds of the Argan tree, an ancient tree which can reach up to 10 metres long.

These particular almonds are pressed to save up the integrity of its greasy acids which are the main components of the Argan oil as we know it. In order to give you an idea of the yield, an Argania can produce up to 30kg of fruits per year, while one liter of the Argan oil will require about 38kg.

What makes the Argan oil so particular is its overall composition.. Composed of 80 % of unsaturated greasy acids, in majority oleic acid and linoleic acid. Argan also contains 8 % of vitamin E which is both an important antioxidant, and a major contributor in the healthy functioning of the immunity system.

You might think this magical oil is done bragging, think again ! Argan contains a sterol, more precisely the schottenol, which is also a cutaneous regulator. This sterol detains in fact one of Argan oil’s major benefits, mainly because it is seldom present in other types of green oils.


How does Argan oil truly affect the face and skin ?

Hydration and protection

The very first uses of he Argan can be traced to centuries ago, notably by berber women.

It is in fact the richness of omega-6, the linoleic acid, that makes Argan appreciated worldwidely. These peculiar acids will prevent excess of skin dryness by boosting the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. To clear things up even further, greasy acids will have a strong natural affinity with the skin, meaning that they get attracted by the composition of the skin and cross the cutanate barrier smoothly.

Thus,  these greasy acids predominantly present in the Argan oil merge as they pass through the hydrolipidic texture. The obvious result : a betterly protected skin from the external aggressions thanks to the boosting of its barrier. The skin is also immensely hydrated because it loses less water, making it more prone to excluding allergens. This particularity is essential and must be included in a day to day face skin routine, mainly due the fact that it’s the body area which is most exposed to the environment :  from pollution, make-up, wind… Face skin could actually easily tarnish and dry up. Well of course, that was before we got to know Argan oil !

Rejuvenating skin

The Argan oil won’t just stop at reinforcing the skin, the presence of Vitamin E boosts the antioxidant action of the Argan oil. might be asking ? Vitamin E will catch the free radicals which result in the aging of the skin. These molecules have gained or lost an electron. To be precise, they’re unstable and act like a roly on your skin, by altering the structure of cutaneous cells, especially the collagene which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity.

All of this results in forming wrinkles and other signs of aging, These signs are apparent and can be easily observed on the face. This is the reason why Argan oil is said to be effective in reducing the inevitable effects of time, and help you highlight your youth.

Argan oil to avoid the emergence of wrinkles on the face

You might have got this one already, however it is important to highlight how Vitamin E, contained in Argan, will help avoid the appearance of the wrinkles and other unfavorable skin problems. In order to prevent such a hazardous affair, apply some droplets of the face care Argold by massaging it on the most sensitive areas (the corner of the eyes, mouth, etc) at night. You will see the difference in no time ! The Argan oil penetrates the face rapidly, without leaving an odd oily sensation !

Argan oil for dry face skin

Dry skin must be nourished and hydrated with the utmost care to avoid the decrease of its quality. In order to do so, apply some face care Argold as you would do with a night cream. This will immensely help in reconstructing the hydrolipidic film which protects fake skin, avoid its complete dryness and will allow a more balanced chemical composition.  You can now actively combat the sensation of dryness that haunts you !

...For the greasy skin as well

The Argan oil is actually non-comedogenic. It will not suffocate your pores and cause acne as you might think, but rather the opposite. It is completely in adaptation with greasy faces. Moreover, it will fluid nourishment of the skin, which will cut short he secretion of Sebum due to a malnutrinated skin. Also, the penetrating effect that the Argan oils detains presents a real advantage :  You face shall not glow under the effect of greasy residue on you skin.

Argan oil for the rest of the body… does it work ?

Well, of course it does ! duh ! In order to soften and repair the skin after hair removal or shaving, in aromatherapy to help penetrate the essential oils, or simply as a basis for a massage, the Argan oil will perfectly adapt to your most pressing needs, and will have your skin protected and perfected.