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The difference between culinary and cosmetic Argan oil

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Argan Oil has been used for centuries by Berber women to not only fortify their hair, regenerate their skin and protect it from the sun and wind, but also to eat and cook with some delicious meals.

What is the difference between Culinary Argan Oil and Cosmetic Argan Oil?

Culinary Argan oil is slightly different from the Cosmetic one.

The difference between Culinary Argan Oil and Cosmetic Argan Oil is the production process, especially the processing of the Argan nuts.

In fact, to make the pure and organic Culinary Argan Oil, the Argan kernels are roasted on an open fire before they are ground using a traditional stone mill, which is not the case regarding cosmetic Argan oil.

Cosmetic Argan oil is made by cold pressing natural Argan kernels, usually by machine.

This explains the difference in color and smell. Authentic and pure Culinary Argan oil is golden brown and smells stronger, while the pure Cosmetic Argan Oil is golden yellow and it smells more neutral.

Culinary Argan Oil for cooking

Composed predominantly of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, it can theoretically be used for medium heat cooking. But given its high price and its delicate flavor, it is best to use it raw.

Traditionally, in Morocco, where Argan Oil is originated and made, the locals mix it with honey and almonds, to make Amlou, a spread to use on bread at breakfast. They also use it to season salads, soups, grilled vegetables, fish and tajines.