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The cosmetic trinity : Argan oil, Ghassoul clay and Black Soap

Posted by Mohammed Biyjeddiguene on

Argan oil, a part of a cosmetic trinity ?

You may be aware of this but it is important to remind you all that : Argan oil is an integrated part in a series of beauty care treatments composed of : Black soap for skin scrubbing, Ghassoul clay as a beauty mask and cosmetic argan oil for a hydrating and regenerating massage.

This infamous routine is practiced in practically any traditional Hammam in Morocco, and you may of course do it at the comfort of your own home.

Argan oil care basis

The main point behind argan oil care is to cleanse your skin in depth and optimize hydratation in order to soften it and ease its touch. The products that are used for such routines are completely natural and are produced in Morocco where they are very popular and a part of the deeply rooted culture in the south.

The rejuvenation using argan oil is the grand finale of the show. It comes right after the scrubbing using black soap and Ghassoul mask.

Black soap scrubbing, first step into an argan oil cleansing

In order for argan oil effect to take effect, it would be immensely better if the skin is entirely clean and ridded of dead cells. This allows your skin to absorb argan oil in depth.

To achieve this result, we shall use Black Soap. It’s not entirely soap as the name might indicate ! It is a traditional scrubbing product based on olive paste and a result of a chemical reaction. However, you should bear in mind that “chemical” doesn’t refer at all to any kind of added chemical compounds to the final product, but rather to a chemical reaction when the paste is in direct contact with the skin.

Black soap appears at first as a brownish paste which we mix up with water to produce a foamy matter.

We then apply it on the skin and we wait for about 10 minutes just in time for the paste to generate effect. And right after that, we scrub the skin vigorously using a traditional bathing glove called “kess”. You will then see dead skin rolling over forming little vermicelli. It’s not particularly pretty to see but very efficient, and your skin is deeply cleansed afterwards.

Before applying argan oil, it is now necessary to rid the skin of all the impurities that ravage it and that hang on the surface. For that, we proceed in using Ghassoul clay.

Ghassoul clay before application

Impurities always hang on the surface of the skin. They particularly inhabit pores on the face. Argan oil absorption happens within the pores. And for that to occur efficiently, we will proceed in cleaning them using a moroccan clay called Ghassoul.

Ghassoul comes in the form of a powder or pieces of hard clay that we mix with water to produce a greyish paste.

It will literally cleanse the pores by absorbing impurities like sand would absorb water.

We apply Ghassoul manually, and leave it to dry for 10-15 min and then we wash surely with lots of water.

Skin is now very soft. But just like all other clays, Ghassoul tends to dry the skin completely. We will now proceed to applying the very last care : Argan oil application.

Argan oil application

Argan oil application on the skin will allow it to benefit from all of its qualities and hydrate in depth. Your skin will come out soft and strong. 



In order to apply argan oil successfully, it’s easy. you only need to pour some water in the palm of your hand and we apply it while massaging, for it to penetrate completely.

Argan oil takes time to be absorbed by the skin. It is much more preferable to use it in the evening right before bed time. It will then benefit from 8 hours of sleep to penetrate the skin profoundly.

You will wake up with a soft and a hydrated skin thanks to argan oil.

Argan oil care, gentle for you skin

The great advantage of argan oil is that it is made entirely of natural, non-aggressive components gentle to the skin

Argan oil care is much advised to those of you who want to experience a real moment of relaxation, all why being merciful on your fragile skin.