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Remove makeup with Argan Oil

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Special attention should be given to facial care as it is the most exposed to external aggressions and therefore the first to experience signs of aging, just like the hands. Like most conventional cosmetics, commercially available make-up removers are full of chemicals, to the point that virtually all ingredients have unknown or obscure names. Using organic and natural products is not utopian.

To remove makeup in a 100% natural way is not reserved for large stock markets, on the contrary. And if you do not wear makeup, this care with argan oil cleans the skin and rid it of impurities accumulated throughout the day. Nothing better than a vegetable oil extracted from first cold pressed and 100% organic.


How to remove makeup with Argan oil?

For efficient makeup removal, argan oil works deeply while preventing your skin from drying out and regenerating it thanks to its richness in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. A simple gesture that will purify your skin by nourishing and moisturizing it gently.

First of all, soak a cotton pad moistened with argan oil then massage your face. You can also put drops of argan oil on your hand and on the tips of your fingers and rub your face. The makeup is removed quickly but if there are traces repeat the operation.

Then you can apply a hydrosol that will improve makeup removal and remove the last traces of oil, such as rose water, blueberry water or chamomile water.

Removing makeup with argan oil allows a gentle and 100% organic cleansing.

Effective on the entire face, even on waterproof mascara, it can be applied around the eyes without worries as long as you do not add essential oils.

Your skin is now purified and ready to be hydrated. You can now apply your moisturizer for a completed skin care routine.