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Put an end to cellulite with Argan butter

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Women are more affected by cellulite than men because they have more fat cells. These fat cells also called adipocytes are located in the belly, thighs, buttocks, and hips.

Moreover, there are certain factors that aggravate the appearance of cellulite such as lack of physical exercise that decreases muscle tone, a poor circulation that leads to insufficient drainage of toxins, too much sugar consumption that promotes cellulite or still the tobacco, the stress, the fatigue, the wearing of too tight clothes…

Massage is a great way to act on cellulite and remove the fat cells. To be effective, Argan butter is recommended. This is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acid which is regenerating and firming. In addition, the butter nourishes your skin, moisturizes and restructures it. This is how it helps you fight against cellulite.

Argan butter is perfect to get rid of cellulite 

Our Argan butter contains Argan oil, Rosemary oil, Eucalyptus, Green coffee extract, Cinnamon extract, Fennel oil, and Lemon. All these ingredients combined help moisturize the skin, eliminate bacteria and treat different skin conditions.

By using Argan oil, you will have a drained and nourished skin that will be smooth and elastic which reduces the risk of cellulite appearing. Similarly, by promoting the metabolism of fat by an Argan butter massage, the venous return eliminates water, fats, and toxins. The conditions are thus optimal to eliminate cellulite and reduce the risk of seeing it reappear.

How to use Argan butter to fight cellulite 

You can perform a simple massage by taking a little bit of Argan butter and massaging the areas you want to treat. Make small circular motions to penetrate the butter to the maximum which will increase its effectiveness. You can repeat this operation as often as necessary. You will see the orange peel effect disappear gradually.

But the most effective massage to reduce your cellulite is rolling massage. The purpose of this massage is to take the layer of fat and roll it. For successful exercise, put a piece of skin from the area to work between the thumb and the other fingers. Lift the fold of the skin and roll it while pushing with your thumb. In fact, you must make a wave effect to your skin through your fingers.

If you find that it is too painful, you can start by massaging the skin to warm it up and prepare it for the rolling massage. You can use Argan oil or Argan butter to increase the efficiency of the massage. The combined actions of it as oil will have all the expected effects on your cellulite.