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Practical Uses of Argan oil in your daily cooking

Posted by Mohammed Biyjeddiguene on

A capital product in Morocco, extracted from the Argania’s almonds, the Argan oil is commonly used in producing cosmetics as well as in aromatherapy.

However, its use in the kitchen has developed and people tend to own it in their spice cupboards nowadays. Popularized by the biggest chefs, it is used to perfect fine cuisine. The Argan oil is considered to be one of the noblest table oils in the fine cuisine industry, due to its subtly royal taste and its incredible nutritional value.

If this oil doesn’t come cheap, that is mainly due to its rarity. Seeing how precious it is, you might want to forget about oil showers and focus on using small proportions. it is used to spice up special dishes.

We've gathered up some of the best uses of the Argan oil in the kitchen for you !

Moroccan delicacies

Argan oil is mainly used in morocco. You can put it without any hesitation in a Tagine or a couscous. It mingles favorably with spices such as paprika, saffron and coriander… If you like to go all the day with the spices, go for Argan oil !

If you’re not familiar with these dishes, it is about time you get the basics. Tagine is a dish which is named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. It is composed of a variety of vegetables and different kinds of meat. It all depends on your taste ! You could definitely make it at home, add Argan oil and you will reach high culinary levels.

All kinds of Fish

Argan oil doesn’t fail to spice up fish either. Don't hesitate to pour some of that magic on the veggies accompanying the white meat, just how you would do normally with olive oil or a a pat of butter.

Have you ever tried Swordfish with sesame and Argan oil ? The taste is extremely explosive and will upgrade your culinary standards considerably !

Dessert delights

Dessert anyone ? To add that little extra that makes the dishes stand out, it is advised to reduce half the quantity of butter and replace it with Argan oil ! Especially with chocolate dessert, which blends perfectly with this oil. Get to your ovens !

Have you ever tried Muffins with dates, cinnamon and Argan oil ? You definitely should treat yourself ! It is literally a gustatory trip !


No time to cook ? No worries ! Argan oil will go perfectly with your favorite salads. Carrot salad, potatoes, pasta or laetus. All of your recipes shall have a hint of magic !

Chefs recommend integrating the oil in the french dressing, mixed with garlic, thyme, vinegar as well as lemons of course.

Amlou, a must !

Amlou is a thick brown paste with a texture similar to peanut butter obtained by grinding roasted almonds mixed with honey and argan oil. Amlou is known as a speciality from the South of Morocco and is usually used as a healthy dip or spread since its key ingredient is argan oil.

You might wanna integrate some moroccan Amlou in your kid’s breakfast. To prepare this nutritional delicacy, blend equally : crushed almonds, honey and Argan oil. This amazing product is spread on bread and boosts energy considerably !