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Is argan oil good for babies?

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Using argan oil is definitely a good idea if you want to maintain soft, smooth skin and protect it from potentially pathogenic damage.

As the oil is easily absorbed and does not have a greasy texture, it works well with washable diapers.

It can also help treat several baby skin problems like milk crusts, dry skin, and even baby acne.

Since babies have much more sensitive skin than adults, you should apply argan oil to your baby's skin with the utmost care.

There are basically three ways to do so::

  • Massage directly on his skin.
  • Mix a few drops in the bath soap.
  • Use with a body lotion.

The benefits of Argan Oil for babies

No matter how you apply it, you can be sure of immediate relief on your baby's sensitive skin. However, you must ensure that you apply only a sufficient amount of the oil on your child's skin in order to achieve positive results.

Argan oil offers the following benefits for your baby:

Treats diaper rash

This liquid gold is a great natural alternative to baby oil when it comes to treating diaper rash. As it is rich in antioxidants and proteins, argan oil certainly provides the protection and immunity your child needs against skin irritation.

Argan oil works especially well if you use cloth diapers because it does not get absorbed by the tissue, which is basically the cause of skin irritation.

Get rid of milk scabs

Crusts of milk are one of the most common problems, especially when it comes to infants.

Although it does not really feel uncomfortable, it seems necessary to solve this baby skin problem, just place a small amount of argan oil on your baby's sensitive scalp and gently massage into circular motions. The effect of applying the oil should be instantaneous.