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Improve the growth of your eyelashes with Argan Oil

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Having beautiful, naturally thick and well-maintained eyebrows are as important as having healthy and well-taken care of scalp. If they are healthy and well taken care of, they help frame your face and accentuate your features.

The health and shape of our eyebrows impact the harmony of our gaze and by extension that of our faces. Are your eyebrows losing in density? Lacking brightness or thickness? Thanks to this natural remedy that consists of Argan oil, you can regenerate new hair follicle and restore your eyebrows sparkle.

How does Argan Oil improve the growth of your eyelashes?

For centuries, Argan Oil has been used to naturally improve hair growth. Thanks to its high tenancy of antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids, Omega 6 and Squalene.

Each of these natural components is effective to improve your hair growth.

Antioxidants and vitamin E are known for boosting our blood circulation, which incites the regeneration of skin and follicles.

Squalene allows your skin to keep the elastin and collagen on your skin. Which gives your eyebrows a natural glow.

How to get thicker and shinier eyebrows with Argan Oil

Either you are using pure organic Argan oil alone, or in a mixture with other oils such as coconut oil or Jojoba oil or with natural ingredients such as pure honey, the procedure remains the same.

Each night, before going to bed, apply Argan Oil with a thin brush or q-tips on your eyebrows, then let it soak in all night.