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How to store pure Argan oil?

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Like any other organic product, pure Argan oil also goes rancid over time. If conserved and stored correctly, this process might take years. However, there are some factors that promote the premature oxidation of pure Argan oil, such as sunlight and the temperature (both high and low).

The consequences of Argan oil going rancid over time are functional: texture, change of colour. Nutritional: the destruction of vitamins, degradation of unsaturated fatty acids that lose their nourishing and softening properties, and sensory: rancid smell, affected taste.

Argan oil must be kept away from light and temperature changes

Just like exposure to oxygen or sunlight, a sudden rise or drop of temperature of pure Argan oil promotes its premature oxidation, which is responsible for the degradation of Argan oil and the break down of its properties and beneficial components.

Pure and authentic Argan oil must be tightly sealed after each use, and stored in a dark colored glass bottle, or in a dark place away from sunlight.

But, you must be careful, because unlike many popularly believe, pure Argan oil shouldn't be stored in a refrigerator. In fact, the thermal variation that Argan oil would then undergoes can also promote its premature oxidation.

That is why we highly recommend you to keep pure Argan oil at room temperature.


These tips will help you the best store and conserve your pure Argan oil for as long as possible.

For how long can Argan oil be stored?

The vitamins E present in pure Argan oil prevent it from getting oxidated too quickly. Indeed, vitamin E is an excellent natural antioxidant for oil.

So, following the tips above, authentic and pure Argan oil can last for up to 2 years (18 months).