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Argan oil to treat psoriasis

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Psoriasis is a disease of the skin and scalp. It is due to the fact that the epidermis is renewed too quickly (4 to 6 days only, instead of 3 weeks normally), which triggers localized inflammation with the appearance of scales and severe itching

Treat psoriasis using pure Argan oil

Thanks to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil provides a lipid contribution essential to the epidermis and allows it to regain flexibility and elasticity. The vitamin E contained in argan oil, by its natural quality, is much faster absorbed by the body and remains longer in the tissues than a vitamin E of synthetic origin.

The synergistic action of the argan oil components relieves the patient and makes the affection evolve favorably.

Before the application of argan oil, it is essential to use special non-drying soaps with antibacterial properties.

The pure argan oil should be applied morning and evening on the affected areas to contain the outbreaks and soothe the itching, as well as the entire body to limit the risk of extension of the disease.

You can also use our Argan butter for irritated skin. It contains Nigella oil, salts, the mud of the Dead Sea and other natural components that make it suitable for irritated and allergic skin.

Apply the butter gently on targeted areas, massage in a soft circular motion and let it absorb so it can nourish regenerate the skin.