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Argan oil for the perfect body massage

Posted by Mohammed Biyjeddiguene on

After many articles about the many different uses of argan oil, there is no doubt that it’s practical for a variety of daily routines, such as cooking, face care, body care...We have established that it’s a must-have at your spice cupboard and equally amongst your cosmetic oils collection.

If you integrate massages as a form of relaxation in your tight schedule, you might want to consider argan oil for maximum chill.

Argan oil maximizes massage effects

It is no secret...Argan oil has been proved to reinforce massage effects (well-being, lymphatic drainage, amongst other things ) and dims the unwanted orangy color all us avoid.

Argan oil is the basis of an array of massage oils. It is a dry oil that penetrates the skin easily and leaves no greasy feelings once well-absorbed. If applied during a massage, it benefits the body of its enormous tenor in vitamins E, Omega 6 and Omega 9, during massage care, whatever may be the purpose of care (elimination of cellulite, improvement of blood circulation , ...).

Whether it is a professional massage conducted in an institute, or just an amateur one, the effects are still the same with the right application.

The use of pure argan oil for daily massage routines allows softening the skin and the apparent decrease of the orange skin effect caused by cellulite.

We suggest you apply your argan oil based massage on the areas you want to treat, such as: abdomen, thighs, and upper part of the arm. Press vigorously with your fingers by moving inside out for a matter of 30 minutes. Repeat this massage during 2 to 3 weeks. Argan oil leaves a silky, soft and a feel good sensation on the skin


We also recommend using a massage oil imprinted with the delicate scents of rose petals. A much invigorating scent, which sets a sensual mood and feeling of extreme relaxation during your massage sessions.

Argan oil: a relaxing body oil

It is important to pick an efficient massage oil. Choose an oil extracted from stones or seeds, and preferably cold pressed, where no solvent has been used. Organic argan oil is an excellent body massage oil that adapts to all skin types, and is not comedogenic.

Ideally, the massage with argan oil is done after having visited a traditional hammam, the infamous steam bath established in Morocco where it is a beauty ritual. It is emblematic of black soap used for scrubbing, a body care method that cleanses your skin in depth.

Other types of care are originated from hammam, mainly natural cosmetics such as Ghassoul or rose water. Once your skin is ridded of all the impurities, argan oil intervenes. The skin, still wet, makes its application smooth. You only need so little. One or two droplets of pure argan in the palm of your hands are quite enough, and you proceed in rubbing your hands together to heat up the oil. Now, you just sit up, relax and appreciate the slippery feeling that comes with the massage.

Argan oil detains a number of qualities for the body. Allied to the benefits of a relaxing massage it truly enhances the chill and the quality of the skin. Very rich in Vitamin E, pure argan oil brings a moment of relaxation and perfect hydration. Skin is therefore soft, toned and perfectly nourished. This organic oil brings new life and eases muscular and articular pains.


The endless qualities that argan oil has crowns it king all of all organic oils. Why not light a scented candle to go for absolute pure relaxation ? Accompanied with delicious scents and decorative candles, an argan oil massage transports you to another dimension, a few miles away from the milky way, and makes the body rejuvenate and nourish its new cells.