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Argan oil for continuous tanning

Posted by Mohammed Biyjeddiguene on

Holidays are almost a thing of the past ! Many efforts have been spent to catch that dream tan and come back home with a brand new colored look. But then can you keep your tan fresh ? it usually wears off in a matter of 10 days, and of all the hard work is gone to waste.

Whether or not you have used argan oil for tanning, taking care of your skin should be your priority by investing in products that maintain the tan. Preserve your well-earned color complexion with some classic pure argan oil, and some little habits that are simple and adaptable to your life.

Argan oil for that perfect tan ?

Oils do not pick up UV light, so be careful ! Now if you have golden skin, argan oil facilitates tanning but it isn't recommended if you have sensitive and clear skin ! So yes, we do  recommend argan oil to tan.

Also beware of nonsense that can be read on the net that blatantly encourages adding lemon juice to the mix before exposure...The lemon is photosensitizing, you will end up with black stains all over your body ! On the other hand, argan oil is excellent to keep your tan fresh.

The perfect Scrub to maintain the tan ?

The tanning period has dried your skin and contributes in the accumulation of dead skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun dehydrates your skin and gradually leads to a tan not very homogeneous. It is therefore necessary to provide your body a good exfoliation. Two oriental beauty care routines are much advised for this : the black soap and Ghassoul.

Why these products ? Simply because we advocate the use of organic cosmetics, that are completely natural and these two (black soup and ghassoul) are more effective than a number of commercialized products. The scrub will help prepare the skin for good hydration to keep the tan.

Contrary to popular belief, the scrub will not fade your tan and make your skin paler. On the contrary, it will just remove dead skin and soften the epidermis. It is a crucial routine because it is useless to apply care on dead cells. That’s how you will succeed in preserving a beautiful golden complexion through regular engaged exfoliating.

We recommend : Once a week for the face and twice for the rest of the body. Exfoliation prepares the skin to receive moisturizing care, a secret to have a long lasting tan.

Argan oil for Hydration and an upgraded look

Are you anxious about losing the tan you worked so hard for ? When you tan, it feels as if your skin was grilled gradually. If you don’t act upon that instantly, your skin will surely dry up and therefore peel off. This is a frequent case that most of us probably all know.

That being said, it is your solemn duty to hydrate your skin to perfection and give it the nutrition it deserves after taking all that sun in. There is no better than organic oils that penetrate the skin smoothly, and gives you an immediate glow  without the greasy effect.

Apply it carefully using the tip of your fingers in the form of a light facial massage in order to help the flow of blood. It would be best if you schedule your argan routine in the evening, preferably right before you sleep.

When you wake up, always clean you skin. You could use argan oil soap for maximum effect optimisation.