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Argan oil as a Makeup Primer

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Argan oil is your ally to take care of your skin every day! In addition to its incredible benefits, it acts as a protective care, ideal before the application of makeup. If you are looking for a natural and economic base, it may be that argan oil is the perfect treatment.

Argan oil is very often used in cosmetics, for the care of hair or skin. It is known for its richness in minerals, essential nutrients, and trace elements. Argan oil is an ideal moisturizer for daily use. It works deeply while leaving a weak protective film on the surface. Used regularly, it softens the skin, protects it from external aggressions and participates in the good renewal of the cells. Argan oil will be appreciated by dry and irritated skin. It is indeed known for its soothing and restorative virtues: a true natural partner of everyday life!

How to use Argan oil as a replacement to your primer?

Argan oil can be used in different ways. It will suit you as well if you have oily skin as if you have dry skin.

It also can be used as a makeup primer. It is even particularly effective! In addition to being totally natural and much cheaper than most branded products, it allows makeup to last longer. It mattifies without drying and will also be suitable for sensitive skin or subject to imperfections. No risk of getting a greasy effect with Argan oil. Its fresh texture and very pleasant to apply perfectly prepare the skin before applying makeup.

If you are looking for an economical and 100% natural moisturizer, you can bet on Argan oil. It is used daily, alone or combined with a dry vegetable oil such as jojoba. Better to apply this type of mixture at night, before bedtime. In the morning, put on pure argan oil to moisturize and prepare your skin before applying makeup.