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Amlou: Spread with almond, pure honey and Argan oil

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Among all the various, typical and tasty Moroccan recipes, there is Amlou, an almond-based recipe.

This delicious spread that many people love to start the day with can be made with almonds or peanuts, but the richness of omega almonds makes this product a perfect natural fortifier for a sweet and healthy breakfast.

It is also used for several kinds of pastries. It is known for its invigorating character, as it displays all the virtues of argan oil, almond, and honey. Indeed, argan oil is an essential ingredient of this spread. Whether you choose to make your Amlou with almonds or peanuts you must always add to the mixture of argan oil, to obtain a creamy and tasty paste.

Amlou with almonds has more benefits than amlou with peanuts for the body, since argan oil, this precious oil is also known as liquid gold, composes it. Also, the almond that is rich in vitamin E and fatty acid, is an essential component to rejuvenate the skin and tone the body.

The benefits of Amlou’s ingredients:


  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Fights against hypertension,
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack,
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes,
  • Helps slow down cognitive decline,
  • Rich in protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, B2, B3.

Honey :

  • Fights insomnia,
  • Improves physical performance,
  • Strengthens the immune system,
  • Has antibacterial and antifungal properties,
  • Provides antioxidants, vitamin E and C.

Culinary argan oil:

  • Prevents cardiovascular disease,
  • Protects from bad cholesterol,
  • Anticancer,
  • Rich in Vitamin E.

This mixture of 100% organic products has been developed for its exceptional fragrance and aroma, but also for its several benefits for our health since Amlou strengthens the immune system of our body and provides it with the energy it needs. 

Argold provides an Amlou paste made with almond, argan oil and pure honey. It has a sweet taste and can be eaten by spreading it on bread or pancakes, although the traditional way of eating Amlou is by dipping bread into it.