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3 Ways to use Argan Oil for face treatment

Posted by Hakim Seffar on

Argan oil is a natural vegetable oil that is increasingly used in cosmetics. This oil is appreciated for its many advantages: it is nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating, revitalizing and restructuring.

To choose your cosmetic Argan oil, you should go for one that is 100% pure, natural, organic and extracted cold, and then you can get started in preparing homemade care.

Exfoliating with Argan oil

First, here's a scrub recipe: mix one egg white with three tablespoons of milk, add two tablespoons of sugar and then a tablespoon of your fabulous ingredient: Argan oil.

Now you can apply this exfoliating treatment to your face and neck. Perform gentle massage with circular movements. After a few minutes of exfoliating action, leave the treatment for a quarter of an hour. Then, you can dry your skin and apply your moisturizer.


Lightning mask with Argan oil

In any form of cosmetic care, Argan oil is a beauty ally! The following recipe allows you to use it in a mask for the face.

For that, mix two tablespoons of juice of lemon just squeezed with the same amount of plain yogurt and a spoonful of honey and then add five drops of Argan oil. This mask aims to lighten your skin, so apply it on your face, massage a few minutes and let it act for a quarter of an hour. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and admire the result!


Anti-aging face mask with Argan oil

If you want an effective anti-aging treatment, try this recipe: mix two tablespoons of a crushed avocado with a tablespoon of oatmeal and the same amount of honey. When the dough is perfectly mixed, add a tablespoon of Argan oil and two drops of rose essential oil. Apply this treatment to your face, massage for a few minutes and then let it work for half an hour before rinsing with cold water to stimulate your blood circulation.